We orient oilfield workers to SafeLand through the high quality IADC Rig Pass program. This orientation contains several topics that are important for onshore oilfield workers.

Driving and Check-in

The most dangerous activity in the oilfield, on a statistical basis, has long been driving. We have already written about the dangers of oilfield driving hazards.

When arriving at the rig, wellsite, or other job location, check-in is important to identify risks for new workers. Each worker is responsible for making sure that they have received a good meet & greet briefing and understand the described hazards on location. Each worker should also be able to locate the safe meeting areas at all times.


Excavation is a common risk in onshore oil and gas operations. Construction contractors will use large earth-moving equipment to create drilling pits and other earthen structures. Rig workers, at times, will also be required to perform some smaller scale excavation at the rig site. In both cases, excavations have an enhanced risk profile for factors such as falling objects, uneven work surfaces, hazardous atmospheres, and other risks inherent to confined spaces.

When encountering excavations, it is of utmost importance that workers have properly donned the correct personal protective equipment. Barricades are used to reduce the risk of falls and confined space permits are needed to identify additional hazards.



Pits are one of the products of excavations. Whether earthen or contained, pits are an important part of the drilling circulation system. The contents can include well control fluids or waste products from the drilling process. These pits must be properly cleaned and remediated as operations cease.


SIMOPS is a common oil and gas term meaning “simultaneous operations.” Risks during SIMOPS may be increased due to the increased number of people on location and the multiple type of process hazards. Communication between operations in needed to keep the operations orderly and prevent the introduction of chaos.

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