San Antonio

San Antonio is a wonderful place to live and work for us at Eagle Ford Training San Antonio and for thousands of other oil and gas workers. For those workers who are new to working in South Texas and coming to San Antonio we have put together a few links to help give a flavor of the San Antonio and South Texas lifestyle.

New Oilfield Town

Before the widespread development of the Eagle Ford shale, there was some oil and gas production within the South Texas region although to a much less scale than the current Eagle Ford production. San Antonio’s position as the unofficial capital of South Texas places it North of the center of the vast Eagle Ford shale. The new development of the Eagle Ford has created a new boom requiring oilfield talent to come to San Antonio like never before.

Booming Economy

Outside of the oil and gas economy, San Antonio has one of the strongest economies within South Texas and the United States. San Antonio boasts a robust rate of construction growth, several large and important military bases, and a large and growing highway infrastructure. Combine this with the low rate of unemployment and San Antonio is a great place for all workers.

The Alamo

San Antonio is the home of the Alamo, an historic mission where Colonel Travis and other historic figures such as Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett made their last stands against the Mexican forces of Santa Ana. Santa Ana was later captured near San Jacinto by Sam Houston. This sealed the victory for the Republic of Texas over Mexico. Today you can visit the Alamo and learn about the historic battles and lives surrounding the place.


When you are downtown in San Antonio and want to take some time out to stroll and relax then take plenty of time in the Riverwalk. Walkways and powered boats transport you through the numerous shops and restaurants of this shaded and unique tourist district.

UNESCO World Heritage

There are a many old Spanish missions in San Antonio and South Texas. In July of 2015 these were accepted as world heritage sites by the United Nations. The most famous of these missions is the Alamo located in downtown San Antonio, however there are many other missions located throughout San Antonio and South Texas.

Warm Weather

San Antonio is known for its hot muggy weather. In reality, San Antonio is much drier than Houston because it is around 200 miles away from the Gulf Coast. Summers in San Antonio are warm with the hottest months in July and August. Spring and Fall are known to be warm with many pleasant evenings to eat dinner on the patio in the hill country breeze. South Texas winters can actually be quite cold and wet and vary from year to year. Don’t expect snow but from time to time it will ice over with cold wet gusts of wind.