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h2s training

Cost: $60 (scheduled weekday)

Duration: 1 Hours

Schedule: Daily at 8AM

Cards good for: 1 year

Eagle Ford Training San Antonio offers H2S Awareness for oilfield and uses actual PPE including H2S monitors and Scott SCBA respirators to give students a learn by doing approach. In addition to trying the equipment for themselves, videos of real oilfield operations and disasters will show workers what is possible in the real oilfield.

Workers in San Antonio must understand that H2S is a deadly gas at low concentrations. It is associated with South Texas oil and gas production and is generated in anaerobic environments. It is also heavier than air and  highly soluble in oil, gas, and produced water. During oilfield operations the gas affects the metallurgy of tubulars and other steel equipment causing hydrogen embrittlement and iron sulfide scales.  All workers must be trained about the dangers of the gas.

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