Eagle Ford Training hits the road to service Crystal City and Carrizo Springs, Texas.

No dates upcoming please email the office to schedule a class for 4 or more.

Smaller classes please come to regularly scheduled scheduled training in the San Antonio training center.

Call: (210) 802-4026 or email: Info@eaglefordtraining.com to schedule training.

Crystal City and Carrizo Springs Safety Training

The west side of South Texas, especially Webb County, is in one of the most productive gas producing counties in the Eagle Ford shale and even Texas.

Have you been having trouble getting reliable training services to your location in Crystal City or Carrizo Springs?

Eagle Ford training is the premier provider for safeland and H2S Awareness training in South Texas and now your location can become a classroom to get your workers certified. We can get the training you need at your yard, in the field, or at a designated meeting room. We have also been able to obtain 3rd party training area for an additional fee.

Cost and Scheduling

We can come to Crystal City or Carrizo Springs on your schedule. Please call for availability. It may take more time to schedule if a 3rd party meeting space is needed. If you need to join into a safeland or H2S certification right away then check the course calendar for our regular San Antonio based classes: here

More Information

Eagle Ford Training proudly provides important training courses for the oil and gas industry including:

SafeLand, a full day oilfield orientation to help new workers understand the hazards that exist in the oilfield. Safeland covers a broad set of oilfield safety topics. It is required that all workers obtain a safeland orientation before starting oilfield work.

H2S Awareness, a 2 hour course needed to meet the OSHA requirement for all workers in possible H2S workplaces. H2S training must be done annually due to the toxicity of the hydrogen sulfide gas.

Fit Testing, all workers who wear a respirator are required by OSHA to have that respirator fit tested.

First Aid & CPR, needed for many workplaces including the oilfield.

For more information about Eagle Ford Training please visit our homepage. We were started in order to bring high quality oilfield training to the South Texas region. Our regional customers range from Odessa, TX to Tulsa, OK. Our training has even impacted customers from as far away as Aberdeen Scotland! Contact us today so we can help make your oilfield work safer and easier.

An automatic pipe handler helping a drilling rig pick up a drillstring outside of Carrizo Springs. Rigs “pick up” pipe that has been laid down in single joints of pipe. When 2 or 3 joints of pipe are connected together they form a stand which can be “racked back” inside the derrick.

This wellhead has been excavated so that it can be replaced for recompletion. There are several reasons for needing to remove and replace a wellhead such as repairing casing corrosion, lowering the head, and changing the pressure rating.

Rigs hard at work in the morning hour outside Crystal City. Completing a gas well in the Eagle Ford shale is a multi-step process. After the drilling rig drills the well it must be stimulated, cleaned out, and completed. Stimulation for us includes hydraulic fracturing and is considered an integral part of the completion. After the frac job the well must be cleaned out and production tubing run in the well.