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About the Instructor

 Robert Slocum is a recognized Subject Matter Expert in Hydrogen Sulfide safety in the oilfield. He received his degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Since then he has managed operations in the Permian Basin, California, and the Gulf of Mexico. Since, 2014 he has devoted full time to worker safety as an instructor in the oil and gas industry.

You can e-mail the instructor at or communicate via the online portal any questions that you have during the course.

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Refresher H2S Train the Trainer

Cost: $500 San Antonio / $300 Online

Duration: 1 Day

ANSI Consistent H2S Instructor Certificate

Valid 3 Years After H2S Train the Trainer Refresher

In-class includes 80 page student manual

Online version includes 3 year access to digital course.

Refresher training available for qualified candidates (please email the office with your credentials)

Monthly dates are available in San Antonio or online. H2S Train the Trainer Refresher course designed for international oil and gas professionals, safety technicians, and supervisors, schedule by enrolling in an open course on the calendar or calling 210-802-4026 or email


Hydrogen Sulfide Refresher Train the Trainer in Texas

The refresher course is highly interactive. Adult learning is best served through an active and engaged learn-by doing approach.

After completing this course, graduates are able to confidently teach workers the practices needed to work safely around hydrogen sulfide. Sources are documented from industry research, medical science, and years of government experience.

Hydrogen sulfide is a deadly gas often found in the oil and gas industry. Classroom education extends beyond lecture into operational practice. All candidates will be given practice demonstrations for protection and emergency response in oilfield operations containing hydrogen sulfide.

Texas H2S Train the Trainer Refresher

This class is operationally focused for oil and gas operating companies and contractors. The classroom portion contains a thorough evaluation of the accepted literature within H2S health & safety as well as operational issues. Hands-on exercises will help candidates demonstrate the proper use of monitoring equipment and respiratory protection. Students will be given practice and resources to help deliver instruction for the modern oil and gas worker. Please email the office for a copy of the syllabus.

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Off site training in San Antonio or Texas may be scheduled on request.

Payment may be arranged in class or online via e-mail invoice.

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