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Fit Test Train the Trainer

Have you been struggling to complete your fit testing program? This fit testing train the trainer starts with OSHA regulations and builds with the practical experience needed to get YOUR fit testing program up to speed.

We have been passionate about training and about keeping workers safe for years. Originally, we outsourced the fit testing to other providers.

As safety focused trainers, we didn’t always like how other providers were treating the fit testing procedure. Too many workers were given poor service.

We built our own fit testing program based on OSHA requirements and our safety culture.

In short, we don’t allow short cuts.

You can read the fit testing program process below.

Fit testing is not magic and is not the beginning nor ending of a respiratory protection program.

If you’re looking for the barest minimum fit testing training, then this is probably not the program for you. We start with an overview of the paperwork you will need to keep your program running correctly.

This is a multi-lesson program which will require you to work at your own pace to complete.

We started fit testing to help more workers.

Now we fit test and train hundreds of workers every year. Education and training are important, but experience is also necessary to build competence.

For your fit testing practice, we are recommending that you obtain either a trusted partner or a CPR type dummy that you can practice fit testing on before your evaluation.

Yes, there will be a test.

The ideal fit testing environment is calm and quiet.

Yet that is not how life works.

Too many workplaces a filled with distractions, phones ringing, employee drama, and ongoing operations.

Finding the best place to perform the fit test will help, but the fit testing technician will need to be able to perform the entire test from memory.

Start today.

You are able to start as soon as today depending on your schedule.

  • Advanced applicants who already have the needed fit testing equipment could theoretically complete the program in as little as one day. The main hurdles to completing all fit testing training modules are the time to obtain a fit testing kit and resources to practice the fit test. Certain applicants, such as those in some health care settings, may already have these resources at hand.

Take as long as you need to complete the program.

The fit testing train the trainer program uses flexible scheduling.

  • Each lesson is completed at your own pace only when you are ready to advance to the next stage. If you need a few weeks to complete your fit testing training, we want your program to be successful.

Those are only a few of the benefits of taking your fit testing train the trainer online.

Consider also the savings by not having to get on an airplane and stay in a hotel in some other part of the country.

“Just read the instructions and start fit testing!”

Yes, always read the instructions.

You must also make sure that you are keeping the proper fit testing records and know how to troubleshoot the program when things go wrong.

But doesn’t the manufacturer have a training video?

Most fit testing kit manufacturers put out excellent short videos that are a few minutes long to show you how their products are used. You should use these videos while determining which fit testing kit you would like to purchase.

“What do I need to get started?”

There are no pre-requisites to start performing fit tests.

OSHA does require that the fit testing provider is knowledgeable and capable in preparing and administering the test.

You can sign up through the link on the portal. Once you are registered for the class you can start training right away.

Click the link to sign up for fit test train the trainer today.

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