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In order to successfully complete the RigPass with SafeLand endorsement, each student must complete a 100-question test and answer 80 of them correctly. These SafeLand test questions cover the entirety of the course material and can be quite thorough and challenging for those uninitiated to South Texas oilfields. This helps to make sure that high standards are set for all students following their training in San Antonio.


Prior to the final exam, the students are given a chance to compete together in our San Antonio RigPass review program. This ensures that the entire class has become well versed in the SafeLand core concepts and identifies any SafeLand principles where workers remain weak. Students that do exceptionally well are enticed to perform during this portion of the oilfield training with rewards of movies and assorted gifts to take back to their families.


There are also several quizzes throughout the RigPass program that ensure that students are effectively engaging with the South Texas SafeLand concepts throughout the course. This also provides for ample practice for oilfield workers to prepare for their pre-test and final SafeLand evaluation test at the conclusion of the training. In addition to all the quizzing and testing, RigPass is interactive and students spend more time learning by doing than any other method. This is why RigPass is the favored oil and gas training method for obtaining the SafeLand endorsement.


Good oilfield safety training should solicit lots of feedback from the workers. Prior to training, the instructor interacts with the South Texas oil and gas workers to determine their level of experience and gauge to what level the training should be done. During oilfield safety training, feedback is given as described above to make sure that training is keeping on track with the course objectives. Following SafeLand training, students are asked to provide further feedback about course and instructor quality to make sure that the training remains of a high quality and to check for any remaining weak spots to help the workers with. Some workers will go on to work in areas outside of South Texas and it is important to interact with them to open their minds to the potential hazards in those outside areas.

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