Experienced oilfield workers may  have the opportunity to test-out of the RigPass program to obtain the Basin United endorsement. To attempt to test-out of Rig Pass without taking the course the worker must have previously:

  1. Worked a minimum of 6 months in the oilfield (2 years preferred)
  2. Completed an equivalent oil and gas orientation at any time

Test-Out Process

After completing the test with a score of “excellent” and paying the applicable fees, the test-out candidate will be entitled to a RigPass card with the Basin United endorsement. The test will be the same test given to those in the regular course and typically requires 20 to 90 minutes to complete. Candidates that are unable to score high enough on the test-out will be required to take the full RigPass course.


Testing fee: $150 ea

Card fee: $50 ea


Testing out can be a convenient way for experienced oilfield workers to obtain their RigPass certification in San Antonio without the time needed to spend in the full course. Employees considering the test-out option must remember that passing the examination will be more challenging and procedures will be strictly enforced. Workers that have any doubt of their level of experience and training in oil and gas safety will be strongly encouraged to take or re-take the full orientation prior to testing.

Please contact us at 210-802-4026 if you have any questions about the Basin United card.

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