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Kenedy Safety Training

Kenedy and Karnes City are located right in the heart of the oil producing Eagle Ford shale region. At times, Karnes county has even been the most prolific oil producer in the state of Texas. During the boom times hard working drilling rigs find themselves lined up one after the other to harvest all of the sweet spots. This density makes Kenedy a difficult area to get enough oilfield services and training.

Thankfully Eagle Ford Training is available to service your yard in Kenedy, Texas. Our classes are designed to be mobile and versatile. We have even be able to come right to the worksite for a thorough safety meeting.

H2S Training

Our most popular course is H2S awareness training. All workers that work in areas in which may contain hydrogen sulfide must have a current H2S awareness card. Cards are valid for 1 year following training and a refresher course must be taken every year. H2S certification often also requires a fit test so that workers can use a self-contained breathing apparatus. Fit testing ensures that the seal on your respirator does not allow a minimal amount of gas (H2S) to flow around it.


Another popular course is Safeland training. Safeland is a full day oilfield orientation designed to teach new oilfield workers about safe work practices. Most major operators are now requiring their contractors have their safeland card before they ever enter the oilfield. Experienced oil and gas workers who have previously taken a safeland orientation may also qualify for a Safeland test-out. In order to test-out for Safeland the worker must have at least 6 months of work experience (we prefer 2 years), previously completed a comparable orientation (such as rigpass), and pass the same Safeland test with an excellent score. The instructor retains discretion over whether a borderline or technically qualified applicant may take the Safeland test-out. If a worker does not qualify to test-out, or does not earn an excellent score on the test, then he must take the full Safeland orientation.

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