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Oilfield Safety Training in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is just a few hours south of San Antonio on IH-37 and we enjoy bringing our top notch training services to the city.  Eagle Ford training is well renowned for our H2S training and RigPass orientation. As the favored training provider to the South Texas oilfield it has been our pleasure to expand our training to Corpus Christi. The development of the Eagle Ford shale has only added to Corpus Christi’s importance in the oil and gas industry.

Locations in Corpus Christi

Have you been sending your employees to Houston for hydrogen sulfide awareness and Basin United training? The long hours on the road can make them tired and cost you extra money. Now you have the option to make your own location a H2S awareness classroom with Eagle Ford Training. Our high quality training can be done at your yard, in the field, or at a hotel/meeting room. For an additional fee we have been able to obtain another training area, if that’s what you need just let us know.

Cost and Scheduling

We can come to Corpus Christi on your schedule. Please call for availability. It may take more time if a 3rd party meeting space is needed. If you need to get into a class right away then check the course calendar for our regular San Antonio RigPass class times.

More Information

Eagle Ford Training proudly provides important training courses for the oil and gas industry including:

RigPass, a full day oilfield orientation to help new workers understand the hazards that exist in the oilfield. Many toics are covered in the Basin United program and all oilfield workers should have RigPass training before starting.

H2S Awareness, a course needed to meet the OSHA requirement for all workers in possible H2S workplaces. Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic gas that can be lethal even at low concentrations. All workers at a worksite with a potential for hydrogen sulfide must receive H2S Awareness training annually.

Fit Testing, all workers who wear a respirator are required by OSHA to have that respirator fit tested.

First Aid & CPR, needed for many workplaces including the oilfield.

For more information about Eagle Ford Training please visit our homepage. We were started in order to bring high quality oilfield training to the South Texas region. Our regional customers range from the Permian to Tulsa, OK. Our training has even helped customers from as far away as Aberdeen Scotland! Contact us today so we can help make your oilfield work safer and easier.