Where to get H2S Training in 2022

Initial and Refresher Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness

This year, 2022 represents a good time to get into the oil and gas industry. Years of energy sector under-investment has led to prices for oil and gas to march steadily higher with no end yet in sight as the economy strengthens. The energy industry will need new workers to fill all roles from engineering to truck drivers. New workers, however, are at increased risk from illnesses and accidents if not trained on their specific worksite risks and procedures. All oil and gas workers should receive training on the dangers of H2S as well as the sources and means to protect themselves from this deadly gas.

Existing workers should be receiving refresher training on H2S every year. The reason for annual refresher training is that hydrogen sulfide is such a deadly gas. We do not want workers to become complacent around the threat of H2S. Nor do we want workers forgetting some aspect of the gas or their work. Current OSHA regulations require that all workers with the potential to be exposed to H2S gas receive refresher training annually.

Midland H2S Training

Your source for daily H2S training in Midland Texas, including service for Odessa and the broader Permian Basin, is Broadway Oilfield Training Midland. There you can count on convenient scheduling, reasonable pricing, and a quiet comfortable classroom. Click here to sign up for Midland H2S at Broadway Oilfield Training Midland and sign up for an H2S class. Classes are available in both English and Spanish. This unbeatable offering promises to be your best choice for H2S training in Midland and Odessa Texas.

San Antonio H2S Training

Workers in South Texas also have the option to visit us in San Antonio at Broadway Oilfield Training San Antonio. Our classroom is spacious, comfortable, and is conveniently located next to the airport. Click “Schedule Now” at the bottom of this page to enroll in an H2S class right away! Courses are available in English and Spanish for all South Texas workers.

Online H2S Training

If you cannot make it into either the Midland H2S class or the San Antonio one during normal business hours, then we have a solution for you! That solution is H2S training online from Oilfield Training Online. These H2S courses are available day or night from anywhere in the world. Access using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Take these classes at your own pace, start and stop as needed, and make sure to take breaks. Oilfield Training Online promises to stay your choice for H2S Awareness training online.