Many workers have been successful obtaining their Basin United training in San Antonio. The Basin United Fundamental Safety orientation provides workers with the tools they need to start work safely in the oilfield. Although there are many different jobs in the oil and gas industry, all workers need this training so that they are oriented to start a safe career.

Equipment Suppliers

In the oil and gas industry there is a large variety of machinery and rental equipment required to make these operations successful. These equipment suppliers are required to deliver equipment, perform preventative maintenance, and make repairs as needed. We want these equipment mechanics to work safely while at the well site. This safe work starts with each worker receiving Basin United training prior to starting work.

Oil and gas companies

Oil and gas companies have a wide variety of personnel that work in their offices and make trips to the oilfield. Administrative workers who handle finance, permitting, and other necessary functions must make visits to the oilfield so that they understand the operations that they are managing. Management must also make trips to the oilfield in order to understand the operation as well as to audit the performance of their contractors. Both administration and management should receive Basin United training so that they are aware of the hazards and protections in the oilfield.

Drilling Contractors

The heavy-lifting in the well construction process is done primarily by the drilling contractor. A drilling contractor spuds (starts) the well, drills it to the total depth, and sets casing in preparation for the completion. Basin United training online gives drilling hands the initial safety knowledge they need to work safely on the rigs. For workers that are required to use heavy equipment or encounter special hazards then additional specialized training may be required.


The company man is the highest-level supervisor at the wellsite. These supervisors are selected because they have a large amount of experience as well as the necessary managerial acumen to keep operations running smoothly and safely. Even experienced supervisors like the company man should have Basin United training so that they are up to speed on the modern safety procedures in the oil and gas industry. This training when delivered well can help experienced oilfield workers consider aspects of oil and gas safety that they had not previously realized.
Oil and gas engineers make critical decisions about the design and operation of oil and gas wells. During critical operations the oilfield engineers will also stay onsite to monitor the progress. Basin United training for engineers gives them an initial safety orientation to ensure that they are staying safe during oil and gas operations. We also aim to give engineers the tools needed to make their operations safer for the oilfield workers involved.


Sales professionals in the oilfield often make calls to the oilfield. These workers want to make sure that their customers are happy with their products and to identify their future needs. We want all sales workers to stay safe around these ongoing operations as well as to identify products that can make the operations safer. Basin United training online can help give sales professionals a base of knowledge to safely apply towards their product line.

Basin United training in San Antonio has been used by many kinds of oil and gas workers. This orientation helps them stay safe within oil and gas operations. There is no more important part of oilfield work than making sure that every worker goes home safe every day.