We all know a good leader when we see them. A good leader remains calm under pressure. When we see someone panicking and running around aimlessly, we do not think that is a good leader. Supervisors must keep a steady and calm hand or else their teams will question if the operation is moving in the right direction. A good leader speaks with respect to all his people. This leader is concerned more about the successful outcome of an operation than making sure he looks good. This leader knows that success only occurs when the team succeeds.


These good leadership behaviors stem from the proper values and the Basin United Leadership training aims to exercise them. A leader that comes to value honesty and hard work will do so because they know these values lead to the success of the team. Too many people believe that taking shortcuts or using tricks can fool the world into giving them some success. With experience or observation, however, we know that this is not the case. Even if somebody plays a trick and “gets away with it” one time, in the long term a much larger punishment is just beyond the horizon.

Servant Leadership

Modern leadership and Basin United leadership practices a servant leadership model. In this way, good leaders lead by example and promote the values that they want to see in their teams. Servant leadership is not the old way, from the bad old days, where one big boss barks orders from on high. The modern method lets communication flow up and down the chain of command so that teams work together more effectively.

Easy to know, hard to achieve

We all know what a good leader looks like and the good values that contribute towards positive leadership. Becoming the good leader, however, is not easy. If it were easy then everyone would simply choose to be a good leader. We know that this is not the case because many would like to be good leaders yet have failed in the pursuit. Becoming a good leader requires practice, patience, and relentless commitment. The Basin United leadership course empowers experienced and emerging leaders to test and exercise exactly that commitment. After supervisors complete their Basin United coursework they may then continue to practice the values that make for effective leaders. None will perfect their leadership as we all will fall short in action. We may, however, continue to struggle towards that ideal because the goal of a safe cooperative oilfield is worth it.

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