Basin United supervisor training is not just about a set of knowledge, or even being able to perform certain skills, students should be able to enact their leadership training in the real world if need be. When an unsafe event occurs at the wellsite, if the unaffiliated supervisors are not able to work together to enact their leadership skills together, then all of that leadership knowledge may be considered next to worthless as far as the workers’ health and safety is concerned. In order for the leadership and supervision to have the best value for the oilfield workers, the supervisors must be able to plan, take control of the situation, and work together to care for their people.


One of the first steps of leadership involves planning for the future. In preparation, the leaders need to plan ahead to make sure that resources are forthcoming, and hazards are mitigated. In terms of the health and wellbeing of the teams that they lead, they will have a much better outcome if plans have been made ahead of time prepare for the work ahead. If work is started without regard for obtaining these resources, such as JSA’s and work permits, then they will not likely be available and the chances of an event will increase. Likewise, if hazards are not mitigated, such as excessive temperature, noise, and toxic gases, then the chances of the the workers encountering a hazard also increase. Plans must be made to prepare for the entire operation or else the quality of the job will suffer.


Leaders know when it is their turn to take control of the situation or otherwise fall into a supportive roll. While it may be easy to identify the problem, it may not be so easy to identify the leader of the situation. If nobody takes charge and leads in the case of an ongoing event, then little will happen or at best the situation will become uncoordinated. If multiple people fight for the position of leader by trying to take charge of the situation then precious time will be wasted while the victim suffers.


In all situations, a leader is someone who can work well with others. When needed, they take charge of a chaotic situation and others will respect their rightful and helpful commands. At other times, they know when it is in the best interest of the work to listen to the person in charge and to fall in line and focus on the task at hand.

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