In our San Antonio Basin United Fundamentals training, the oilfield workers cooperate in teams in order to learn the safety material. By working with each team, the Basin United Fundamental Safety training material is shared with others with different perspectives. Truck drivers are able to discuss with rig hands the differences in their job and how they can approach safety hazards together.

Diverse histories also allow the workers to bring up real world examples of challenges in or related to the oilfield. For example, many workers are often surprised at the concept of flammable metals because they rarely encounter them in the field. In one Fundamental class, however, one worker brought up a grocery store that had spilled a powder on the floor. When a shop clerk went to clean the powder up, in this example, the cleaning water set the powder on fire and smoke closed the entire store down. This story also reminds the oilfield workers to never clean up any spill without first reporting it and being properly trained.


A wonderful feature of facilitator led training is that facilitators can probe the students undergoing training in order to test their understanding levels. One important aspect of general worker safety is having a good attitude. Workers often come into class carrying prejudices about difficult work situations such as arguments and bad tempers. What can be shown to these workers is two pronged:

  1. That the challenges arise without malice.
  2. That the best way to face these challenges is with a positive safety attitude.

When workers learn these things their Basin United training can be redirected to face and solve oilfield challenges.


The weakness inherent with automated training is that since it is a worker sitting at a computer terminal then the lines of instruction will be limited. Many trainees, especially the very experienced ones, try to push through the computer-based training as fast as possible. While they may be able to get the test answers correct, there is no learning done in this scenario. Virtual online facilitator led training has the benefit that even highly experienced workers can find new things to learn by looking at scenarios with a new perspective.

Recommended Training: Basin United Fundamental Safety Orientation

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