Why Online Fit Test Training

Get fit test trained so that you can deliver an effective respiratory protection program for your organization. You may have a passing knowledge of the process or just that you need fit testing for your operation. Either way our goal is to make sure you have the ability to confidently deliver fit tests for your workers. Click here to learn how to sign up for online fit testing training.

Who can take fit test training? There are no pre-requisites to deliver effective fit tests. Fit tests can be done by a training, human resources, or management professional. What is important for the company administering the fit test is that the person giving them is qualified by either experience, training, or degree.


Our process for training administrators to deliver a fit test comes in three main parts with homework between each. These parts include equipment selection and preparation, fit test practice, and the final skills exam.

  1. Equipment selection and preparation: In this initial phase the goal is to make sure that your are properly set up with the equipment needed to practice and perform fit tests. We will set up an initial call so that you understand the testing and respiratory equipment needed to get started.
  2. Fit test practice: Once all your equipment has been received then it is time to practice fit testing. This can either be done with a mannequin or by having a trusted practice partner.
  3. Final skills exam: After you have had a chance to practice your fit testing skills then it is time for an evaluation. Here we will make sure that all the proper steps are being followed.

Our fit testing train the trainer program has various benefits that you can bring into your program. As an interactive program you are provided ample practice on your own equipment. This builds confidence that you are performing the test correctly.

Since our program online is online then it can be scheduled for almost any day. This makes for easy setup where you may be able to get started right away.

Our online fit testing training also provides experienced mentorship. We perform thousands of fit tests and can deliver that level of experience for our fit testing train the trainer sessions.


Since our online fit test train the trainer class is interactive, it allows a higher level of quality. During your fit testing practice, we are able to see where the difficulties are and to help you when needed. Also, during the final fit testing exam we can document that you are able to correctly administer the respiratory fit test.

It is time to take a fit testing class and get trained today.