San Antonio N95 Fit Test

Eagle Ford Training San Antonio provides qualitative fit tests under OSHA’s 1910.134 standard.

Qualitative Fit Test

A qualitative fit test provides a pass/fail method to show an effective seal against the user’s face. This is different from a quantitative fit test where a different fit factor is achieved for every test. There are standard qualitative fit testing protocols, but most of these tests use saccharine or denatonium benzoate to challenge the user’s sense of taste and smell while wearing the mask. The N95 mask allows a small percentage of particles to pass through matrix of the mask. If not enough of the chemical agent passes through the mask for the user to smell or taste the agent through the entire test then a pass is achieved. For this reason it is important to calibrate the user’s sense of smell prior to fit testing the respirator as well as administering the test with an experienced technician.


Proper use of an N95 respirator has several requirements to ensure that a minimal level of respiratory protection is achieved and sustained. All users must follow a proper respiratory protection plan according to OSHA 1910.134. This plan serves as a checklist of regulatory requirements to properly deploy the respirator. Before fit testing the N95, the user must also be clean shaven, have a medical clearance (MEQ), and be trained on how and when to use the respirator. After fit testing there are several requirements remaining over the next year, therefore it remains crucial that all users continue to follow their respiratory protection plan.

Energy Sector

Eagle Ford Training San Antonio serves the Energy Sector for training and respiratory protection. If you have questions about any of the services we offer please send us an e-mail. If you have any questions about the type of respirator such as an N95 which you should use to protect yourself at work make sure to ask your supervisor right away.

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