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Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic gas and all oilfield workers should wear a personal H2S monitor to detect the presence of the gas. An H2S badge cannot protect you if you do not have a good monitor being used properly. Our personal single gas detectors are calibrated at the factory and last for a period of 2 years. Before wearing, always inspect the unit to make sure that the sensor is free of dirt, the unit has been bump tested regularly, and function tested daily. If the badge is expired or not functioning properly then make sure to get a new H2S monitor in San Antonio.


Personal H2S monitors are designed to alarm at predetermined set points–one at a low level and another at a high level. The monitor alarm level must be low enough to satisfy the strictest applicable safety standard. Never ignore an alarm; if you allow yourself to ignore an alarm it is as if you are not using a monitor at all. When you bump test your H2S monitor in San Antonio the alarm points will be shown.


Personal H2S monitors are worn in the breathing zone outside of the clothing or any other obstruction. H2S badges are not to be worn outside of the breathing zone, such as on the hard hat or belt. Likewise, H2S monitors should not be worn on the boot outside of the breathing zone where they could get dirty. The breathing zone has been defined as a 9-inch downward circle from the mouth and nose. It is important to monitor the breathing zone so that the breath–the most important air–is protected.

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