Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a first aid technique that is meant to continue circulation when the heart is no longer able to. When properly done and quickly administered, CPR saves lives. If a person’s heart stops then their survival rate will increase dramatically if given immediate CPR. There are a few hazards within the oilfield which can cause the heart to stop, so CPR training is an important part of each employee’s first aid skillset.


Heat illness

Heat stroke and heat exhaustion can cause the body to shut down.

Hazardous atmospheres

Many toxic gasses such as H2S, SO2, and CO are present in the oilfield. These gasses can quickly asphyxiate someone when they are breathed in.

Oxygen deficient atmospheres

When chemical or biological reactions take place, some of those reactions remove oxygen from the atmosphere. Breathing in air that doesn’t have enough oxygen will cause asphyxiation.

Electric Shock

An electric shock can enter the body and arc through the heart. Even low voltages under the right conditions can disrupt the heart’s rhythm and cause it to stop.

Poor Health and Physical Overexertion

As we age or get out of shape, the risk of heart problems increases. This problem is compounded when physical strength is called for at work.


Recent studies have shown that inhaling non-sour vent gas carries a risk of death. There may be other hazards that cause heart issues. Vigilance is required for any possible heart hazard because of the severity of any possible consequences.


As the saying goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Oilfield workers should do all they can to keep themselves healthy and protect themselves from work hazards. When it comes to heart disease, however, it is impossible to prevent all cases. Occasionally, otherwise healthy, and even young, people suffer heart attacks. Learning CPR is a lifesaving factor that oilfield workers can train for to help their fellow workers.

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