H2S Tank Farm

Many of our San Antonio oil and gas customers request to combine H2S awareness classes and CPR training. Even though these are two very different types of training courses, they can blend well together in a single day training session.


The extreme hazards presented by working under H2S makes CPR training a prudent part of emergency preparedness. When inhaled in concentrations above IDLH (100 PPM), H2S can quickly cause unconsciousness and arrest respiration. These are extreme hazards and CPR is one of the few mitigations that could be considered after respiration ceases. All workers undertaking tasks in H2S containing jobsites should be considered for CPR certification and use the buddy system if needed.


Depending on the jurisdiction, some first aid training may be required for workers in high H2S concentration areas. In Texas, Rule 36 governs oil and gas operations in H2S prone areas. Rule 36 specifies that workers must always be trained to use the “resuscitation equipment,” which may include CPR performance and AED. The American Petroleum Institute, under recommended practice 49, recommends all workers in H2S prone well sites undergo training for first aid and CPR.


At Eagle Ford Training San Antonio, we believe that time is one of our most valuable commodities. When both a CPR course and H2S awareness class are required for workers, we have conveniently enabled these students to schedule these courses back to back within the same day. This eliminates extra time driving to and from the training facility in San Antonio caused by obtaining H2S certification and CPR certification individually. If you opt to undertake onsite training rather than coming to San Antonio, then it will cut down the cost by reducing the onsite fees. By combining these courses, it also cuts down on the total training cost as you will see that our training prices are competitive.

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