Most people undertake CPR training because it is required for their particular workplace. Standards have been put in place to make CPR classes of a uniform quality that these workplaces can accept. These standards for CPR training provide a minimum level of protection for the companies’ workers. There are good reasons, outside of worker protection and within day to day life, to obtain the same level of CPR certification. General CPR training can prepare the public for emergencies, encourage Good Samaritan behavior, and help save lives.


The loss of respiration and/or circulation is a major emergency for the victim suffering from this condition and if care is not rendered immediately then death will follow soon. Heart disease can cause the loss of circulation and is a major cause of death in San Antonio, but other acute causes are also possible. Given that the causes of an emergency requiring CPR are not exclusively occupational, the possibility of encountering them outside of the workplace will always exist. Should a CPR trained person encounter a victim who is experiencing an emergency, then they will in a much better position to help.


A Good Samaritan is a previously unknown person who renders aid to a distressed victim in their time of need. Good Samaritan laws are laws that have been put in place by states to provide Good Samaritans protection from liability in most cases. When a student has practiced their CPR skills ahead of time, they will feel more comfortable stepping up and becoming a Good Samaritan than if they are unskilled. A good CPR course should also give an overview of the Good Samaritan laws and practices in the student’s state.


If a family member were to suffer from a life-threatening emergency, everyone would want them to have the best care available for their survival. It is better to become prepared today and not need those skills than to not be prepared and have to watch a loved one suffer.

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