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Students undertaking first aid training will be able to familiarize themselves with the items they are being taught to use within the first aid kit. Individual items can be identified and utilized during the class. This augments each individual lesson and allows students to retain knowledge about first aid methods longer and better. We also carry CPR barrier pieces for use in our San Antonio CPR classes and a demonstration unit AED.


While learning CPR, students will have access to high quality mannequins to practice their hands-on CPR technique. As they practice CPR on the mannequins, students will become more confident and the techniques can be learned into muscle memory for much stronger recall. They will also be able to work with the instructor to improve the motions and timing in performing CPR to the most up to date standards available.


One of the pieces of equipment that students may sometimes see within the workplace but rarely get the occasion to use is the automatic external defibrillator, or AED for short. Workers need good AED training because of some of the myths that surround this piece of equipment. For example, many believe that it “restarts a stopped heart,” which is not accurate. An AED actually interrupts what are called “fibrillations” that are harmful patterns in a distressed heart’s rhythm. Many also believe that an AED can shock you, but when used in proper care, this risk should be negligible. Modern AEDs have sensors that detect to make sure it is hooked up correctly and wait to administer energy only when it is safe to do so. Training workers on how the AED works should make them more confident to use it when needed.


In order to successfully complete the course, each student must not only pass a written examination, but also an observational scenario. In this scenario, their practical hands-on CPR skills are tested and feedback is given. Students are ensured to meet the minimum standards for CPR performance and given any needed chance to improve.

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