FRAC-BASIC is our 1/2 and 1 day frac school for new hires to learn about the field. Frac training is important because almost all of the operators in South Texas use hydraulic fracturing to stimulate and complete their new wells before putting them on production. This use of hydraulic fracturing in South Texas is for good reason. Hydraulic fracturing, or frac’ing, is a reliable technique for improving the productivity of low permeability reservoirs. Although we feel the SafeLand program is ideal for frac workers, there is not a single module within the RigPass program named specifically for South Texas hydraulic fracturing hazards.

The SafeLand orientation as it is designed does an excellent job covering all types of oil and gas hazards. We have successfully trained both righands as well as office based engineers on the safety culture and topics that will help them succeed in the South Texas oilfields. Certain hazards that frac hands face in South Texas, such as heavy noise and sand dust inhalation, are covered in a general way. As we’ve discussed before, the part of SafeLand that makes it flexible enough to cover the different job types is the student feedback with the students. All of the hazards that one might encounter working in the Eagle Ford Shale are covered, job processes for each particular worker are what is emphasized through feedback and facilitator interaction.

Pressure Pumping Topics

High pressure, high rate pumping can be thought of as the heart of the heart of a hydraulic fracturing treatment. There are some topics that are specific to pressure pumping, including cementing, acidizing, and fracturing. These SafeLand training topics include:

  • Energy control
  • Lockout Tagout
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Spills Cleanup

Workers should understand all of these topics before starting any South Texas pressure pumping job. If they have any questions they can be cleared up with their supervisor or during the job hazard analysis meeting.

Simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) are common within unconventional oilfield developments. SIMOPS, which refers to two different oil and gas operations happening at the same time in close proximity, are important to keep work crews working together as a team. This requires extra training and coordination to prevent an incident from one operation from spreading to the other operation.

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