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San Antonio H2S Training

Cost: $60 (scheduled weekday) / $80 (unscheduled weekend)

Duration: 2 Hours

Daily San Antonio H2S classes available to certify your workers, schedule by enrolling in an open course on the calendar or calling 210-802-4026 or email info@eaglefordtraining.com

Hydrogen Sulfide in South Texas

H2S is a deadly gas at low concentrations associated with South Texas oil and gas production. It is heavier than air but can also be soluble in oil, gas, and produced water. During oilfield operations H2S affects the metallurgy of tubulars and other steel equipment causing hydrogen embrittlement and iron sulfide scales. All San Antonio oilfield workers sent to South Texas worksites with the potential to be exposed to Hydrogen Sulfide are required to undertake a course in hydrogen sulfide awareness. Additionally, supervisors must be trained to understand and the metallurgical consequences of hydrogen embrittlement as well as the ability to put a contingency plan into place.

Qualified San Antonio H2S Training Cards

Core curriculum is compliant with ANSI Z390.1-2010 and API RP 49, instructor certification is posted before the start of class. The ANSI standard covers safety in general industry. API is the recommended practice for the American Petroleum Institute and covers topics specific to oil and gas production, such as wind awareness, contingency planning, and sulfur dioxide awareness. At the supervisory level, training will also include BLM order 6 and TX RRC rule 36 requirements. All students are given a certification card valid for 1 year following successful completion of the course.

Hands-On Training In San Antonio

Eagle Ford Training San Antonio offers H2S Awareness for Oilfield uses actual PPE including H2S monitors and Scott SCBA respirators to give students a learn by doing approach. In addition to trying the equipment for themselves, videos of real oilfield operations and disasters will show workers what is possible in the real oilfield. At the supervisor level the student will also be given a Hydrogen Sulfide handbook for reference.

Personal H2S monitors are available for students only.

Scheduling Anywhere in South Texas

Worker training duration is 2 hours.

Existing training in San Antonio can be scheduled on the registration calendar or by calling 210-802-4026 or emailing: info@eaglefordtraining.com

New training may be scheduled by calling 210-802-4026 or emailing: info@eaglefordtraining.com

Off site training in South Texas may be scheduled on request.

Payment may be arranged in class or on the online portal.

Online payment portal for the H2S Awareness for workers.

Online payment portal for the H2S Awareness for supervisors.

Facilities in San Antonio are also suitable for respirator fit testing, contact us for more information. Fit testing equipment available as well.

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