Duration: 2 Hours

Smaller classes please come to regularly scheduled scheduled training in the San Antonio training center.

Schedule by calling 210-802-4026 or email info@eaglefordtraining.com

H2S Awareness for Pearsall

Eagleford Training services Pearsall, TX to make it easy for oilfield companies to get their H2S cards.

Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic gas that exists in the oilfields of South Texas. All workers in Pearsall that work on sites that may contain H2S must be trained to the awareness level for the gas yearly. The training must be repeated each year because the risk of death when exposed to the gas is immediate and severe.

Workers in H2S areas may also be required to have an H2S monitor as well as a respiratory fit test. Please let us know if these are items that you would like help with as well.

Training is performed at your location, may be done outside, and does not require electronic equipment.

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