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Duration: 2 Hours

Training may be held at your yard in Karnes City, or our location in Cuero, or our location in San Antonio.

Call 210-802-4026 or email to schedule H2S Awareness Certification at your convenience.

H2S Training for the Eagle Ford

Eagle Ford training provides convenient and high quality H2S training to the eagle ford region. We provide a comprehensive overview of the rigorous content listed by OSHA and ANSI that all workers need to know. Adding to this we have used real world oilfield experience to help workers identify and protect themselves from H2S situations that may exist in the oilfield.

Workers in any area where H2S may possibly be present must understand how to prevent the gas from causing damage. The consequences of H2S exposure range from mild irritation to rapid death. Since the gas is so dangerous hydrogen sulfide must always be protected from. Awareness and monitoring of where the H2S could be is one layer of protection to reduce the likelihood of a hydrogen sulfide exposure. Do not rely on your nose to detect H2S because the gas turns off your sense of smell.

Any worker that is required to enter an area where toxic gasses cannot be cleared must wear a self contained breathing apparatus in order to breathe fresh air. Prior to wearing the respirator the mask must be seal checked before every use and a fit test performed yearly.

Give us a call if you need help training your workers in their yearly hydrogen sulfide awareness.