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Rigsite pumping operations are complicated by the use of cements, acids, and brines. Cements are used to isolate section of the wellbore from flow. During pumping, however, the change in viscosity of cements can be rapid and pose a challenge to successfully placing the fluid. Acids are the opposite, they are used to clear out damage from the near wellbore environment and improve flow. The safety concerns when handling acids cannot be understated. Brines are the most common method in completion and workover for well control and protecting from swelling shales.

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Hands-on Training

Laboratory workshop demonstrating the action of oilfield acids, cements and brines that students will encounter in the field. Emphasis will be placed on safety and critical thinking in special situations.

Designed for Consultants, Engineers, Drillers, Toolpushers

Following completion of the course students should have a better understanding of how downhole conditions effect these chemicals. How to react in changing situations. And safety considerations particular to acids, cements and brines.

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